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本声明的目的是告诉您皇冠官方app下载机场将如何使用在您使用皇冠官方app下载机场时向您收集的个人身份信息.com. In addition, this is to advise you that, irrespective of any use to which 皇冠官方app下载 Airport may put such information, some of it may be subject to disclosure under the Texas public information act, if it is requested.

Collecting Information About You

皇冠官方app下载机场致力于帮助游客在机场和通过机场的体验尽可能顺畅和无麻烦. To aid in that commitment, 您可以在不披露任何个人信息的情况下访问和享受皇冠app官方版下载的网站. However, there may be times, such as when you purchase or order a product, subscribe to our e-newsletter, enter a contest or sign-up for our flight tracker service, at which we will ask you to provide certain information about yourself, such as your name, mailing/billing address, telephone number, e-mail address, license plate information, credit card information, birth date, gender, occupation, personal and/or travel interests, etc. By providing this information, 您已同意皇冠官方app下载机场及其代理按本协议所述使用您的信息, including, without limitation, to offer you products and services that may best meet your future needs. 皇冠官方app下载也可能与您联系,征求您对当前和未来机场体验的意见. Whether or not you choose to provide such information is completely your own choice, but if you choose not to provide the information we request, you may be unable to purchase products, or access certain services, offers and content on our website.

Using Information About You

皇冠app官方版下载将您提供的个人身份信息用于分析趋势和统计等目的, monitoring parking activity, 通知您新的服务和优惠,并为您提供有关皇冠官方app下载机场的信息. 皇冠app官方版下载可能与公司签订合同,提供某些服务,包括信用卡处理, data management promotional services, etc. In doing so, 皇冠app官方版下载可能会向这些公司提供执行皇冠官方app下载要求的服务所需的信息. We require that these contractors make no other use of such information.


To help us serve you better, we collect information that does not identify you personally, but rather identifies your computer or browser. This is done by using files called cookies and by tracking IP addresses. Cookies operate in the background and can be turned off if you wish. 如果您选择不接受cookie,网站上的某些页面或服务可能无法正常运行.

Disclosure of Information

Although unlikely, in certain instances, 皇冠app官方版下载可能会被法院命令或传票要求披露您的个人信息. Moreover, some of your personal information, like your name, address, phone number, gender, birth date, occupation, 个人和/或皇冠app官方版下载兴趣可能会根据德克萨斯州公共信息法向第三方披露. 皇冠app官方版下载也可能披露您的信息,以执行或适用本网站的条款和条件.

Links to Other Sites

皇冠app官方版下载的网站包含指向由第三方运营和维护的其他网站的链接. 皇冠官方app下载不对这些网站的内容或信息收集行为负责. 皇冠app官方版下载建议您阅读第三方网站的隐私政策,以了解其信息收集政策.


如上所述,皇冠官方app下载偶尔会通过电子邮件或其他方式发送宣传材料. If you do not want to receive such promotional items, 您可以随时通过点击每封电子邮件底部的退订链接将自己从皇冠app官方版下载的电子邮件列表中删除.

Copyright Notice. Copyright 2003 the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Board U.S.A. All rights reserved. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

Terms & Conditions

Permission to use documents (such as press releases, datasheets and FAQs) from this server ("server") is granted, 但(1)以下版权声明出现在所有副本中,并且版权声明和本许可声明同时出现, (2)从本服务器使用该等文件仅供信息和非商业或个人使用,不得复制或张贴在任何网络计算机上或在任何媒体上广播, and (3) no modifications of any documents are made. 法律明文禁止将其用于任何其他目的,并可能导致严重的民事和刑事处罚. Violators will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible.

Documents specified above do not include the design or layout of the 皇冠官方app下载airport.com website or any other Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Board owned, operated, licensed or controlled site. 皇冠官方app下载管理局网站的内容受商业外观保护, trademark, unfair competition, and other laws and may not be copied or imitated in whole or in part. No logo, graphic, 除非得到皇冠官方app下载管理局的明确许可,否则不得复制或转载任何皇冠官方app下载管理局网站上的声音或图像.

皇冠官方app下载董事会和/或其各自的供应商不就本服务器上发布的文件和相关图形中包含的信息出于任何目的的适用性作出任何声明. 所有此类文件和相关图形均按“原样”提供,不作任何形式的保证. 皇冠官方app下载董事会和/或其各自的供应商特此放弃与此信息有关的所有保证和条件, including all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement. 在任何情况下,皇冠官方app下载董事会和/或其各自的供应商均不承担任何特殊责任, 间接或后果性损害赔偿或因失去使用而造成的任何损害赔偿, data or profits, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tortious action, 由于使用或执行本服务器提供的信息而引起的或与之相关的.

在此服务器上发布的文档和相关图形可能包含技术不准确或印刷错误. Changes are periodically added to the information herein. 皇冠官方app下载董事会和/或其各自的供应商可随时对本文所述的产品和/或计划进行改进和/或变更.

Links To Third Party Sites

这个区域的链接可以让你离开皇冠官方app下载管理局的网站. 链接的网站不受皇冠官方app下载管理局的控制,皇冠官方app下载管理局不对任何链接网站的内容或链接网站中包含的任何链接负责, or any changes or updates to such sites. 皇冠官方app下载董事会不负责从任何链接网站收到的网络广播或任何其他形式的传输. 皇冠官方app下载董事会为您提供这些链接只是为了方便, 包含任何链接并不意味着该网站得到皇冠官方app下载董事会的认可.

Copyright Notice. Copyright 2001 the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Board U.S.A. All rights reserved. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.